Choose Majestic Property Management because it is the right choice. Some might say," The only company they would entrust their home", but why?

To effectively manage rental property, one must understand the complexities of professional property management. Having a real estate license alone is far from the only qualification. On a daily basis, a property management company must be able field hundreds of communications from tenants, property owners, contractors, vendors, appraisers, city inspectors, real estate agents, etc. All of which deal with tasks that must be carried out with the property owners best interest in mind, as well as, follow all applicable laws and regulations. The only way to handle all of these tasks effectively is with great communication skills, organization, and intelligence; and that is where Majestic Property Management is different. We are a real company offering real service.

 At Majestic Property Management our company slogan is "Treating You Like Royalty By Delivering a Higher Level of Service".  In order to deliver this high level of service to our clients, our company is well organized with defined employee roles. Our agents and staff are well trained, experienced, and professional. Contact us today for more information, as well as, same day sign-up service.


How Majestic Is Different From Our Competition

Many of the companies in our area are smaller family-owed firms that consist of 1 broker, and 1or 2 employees. Majestic was founded to be much more than that. The chart below is a comparison of Majestic Property Management's performance compared to other property management companies. Not all companies are the same but this chart is representative of performance.


Majestic Property Management Performance Comparison

    Majestic   Other
Filling Vacancies   2 to 3 Weeks   2 to 3 Months
Rent Collection   5th of the Month   15th of the Month
Owner Checks   Owners Paid By 10 th Of  Month   Paid by End Of  Month
Late Fee Collection   At time of late payment   Never
Repair Response Time   24 hrs or less   72 hrs or longer
Back Office Staff   10+ Employees   3 Employees
Licensed Sales Agents   10   1
Level Of  Service   High   Low


The above chart illustrates that, due to our size, Majestic Property Management has much more capabilities and is more responsive to owners and tenants needs than other companies. We are a medium sized company with many resources at our disposal. Many of the smaller companies simply do not have the time, manpower, or resources to manage a large number of properties at a high level.

 For example, a company made up of only a Broker, an agent, and 1 employee, would have difficulty performing 100 home inspections a month, showing vacant properties, processing rent payments, balancing their trust accounts, handling tenant complaints, coordinating repairs and let alone having time to answer the phone to talk their clients. In contrast, Majestic Property Management is large enough to apply resources when needed to get the job done and we are always adding staff members to fill-in deficiencies.


Our Rental Property Portfolio Of Homes

We specialize in managing well-kept, single family homes of exceptional quality in the best parts of town.


Our Approach to Managing

We take a proactive comprehensive approach to managing. We offer full management services including in-house maintenance repairs, home inspections, in-house landscaping, in-house process serving, free estimates, and much more.

We rent out homes that are only to our high rent standards. This means that the rental is compliant with all safety and habitability laws, as well as, clean with all systems operating and move-in ready. We advise our owners not to defer maintenance of their rentals in order to keep them in good condition and renting at market or above market rental rates. This maximizes rent income potential, as well as, keeps up the value of the property over time.

We invite you to compare Majestic Property Management with others in the area. What you will find is that Majestic is the only company that is serious about your rental property needs. Majestic answers the phone, returns calls, is friendly and knowledgeable. Call us to appoint Majestic Property Management as your property manager. We look forward to serving you .