Property Management Maintenance Request

At Majestic Property Management, we respond to maintenance issues rapidly,. Each maintenance request is given a different priority depending on the nature of the request. For example, emergency repairs have a "critical" priority, health and safety repairs would have a "high" priority and other repairs have lower priorities from medium to low.

Examples of maintenance issue priorities:

maintenance issue                                        priority

Leaking Water Heater Critical
Active Plumbing Leak Critical
Forced Air Heater Now Working Critical
Air Conditioner Not Working Critical
Sewer Line Backup Critical
Broken Exterior Door Critical
Garage Door Off Track Critical
Broken Window High
Locks & Key Replacement High
Kitchen SInk Drain Clogged Under Sink Medium
Fence Down Medium
Garbage Disposal Replacement Medium
Electrical Plug/Switch Replacement Medium
Toilet Repair Medium
Broken Interior Door Medium
Painting Low
Ceiling Fan Replacement Low


To help us rapidly respond to your maintenance issue you can,
1) Call our office at maintenance direct line 209-473-3071;
2) Email us at:;
3) Describe your maintenance issue in the box below, press submit       and it will be sent to us electronically.

Thank you for your consideration.